Mammoth Sunflowers

Hey guys! I found 6 yo Sunflower seeds in one of my drawers and decided to plant the seeds in Spring. Without much expectation, they took off so fast and grew well above the chicken run!!! I could not believe how well they did, especially considering their age. I love that Sunflowers require little maintenance, provide food for wildlife, and add a pop of color that’s undeniable! They are just the happiest flower around.

It’s not uncommon for Mammoth Sunflowers to reach 12-15 ft. They have those classic Sunflower heads that are massive, bold, and reach for the sky! The gray, striped seeds are edible, great for roasting or planting the following year. You can even dry the seeds and set them out for hungry birds in Winter.

I hope you enjoy these beautiful Sunflower pictures and choose to give them a try next year. They provide a lot of Summertime smiles.

Blessings, Jolie 🌼


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