Planting up a Sunflower pot! πŸŒ»πŸŒ»πŸŒ»

Hey guys!

Not sure how we are already in June, I cannot believe it! Although Spring always seems to fly by, my flowers have really started to come alive in these 90° days! 🌞

I want to share a quick, low-maintenance container using extra plants I had on hand. I found this beautiful cement pot on clearance at HomeGoods! I love the three Sunflowers in the middle that sit on a rustic, clay color exterior. I chose a perennial grass to use as the thriller called Ribbon Grass. (It can be invasive so keep that in mind.) Planting grasses in containers is one way to keep the spreading habit under control.

(Oh my this pot is heavy!)

Towards the front of the pot, I added some Marigolds that just scream Summer! They are literally the easiest flowers to keep alive and they attract butterflies. Towards the back of the container I planted Dichondra Silver Falls on both sides. If you want a vigorous trailing plant, get yourself Dichondra! In no time at all, it will spill the sides of any container, providing a pleasing silver color.

When you set a pot against a wall, house, or fence, keep in mind the heat will radiate off those places, causing the containers to dry out. Make sure you add flowers that can tolerate heat and keep them well watered!

I think it turned out very happy. Have a wonderful day! Jolie 🌼


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