Planting Perennials

You may remember the Russian Sage I planted in Fall. It’s starting to show new growth (yipeeee!) and is giving off the classic sage smell. Soon it will be filled with lavender blooms that pollinators cannot resist.

I was able to get my hands on a new Yarrow ‘Firefly Sunshine’, a red-colored grass ‘Fireworks’, and ‘Salvia Caradonna’. I planted these with the Russian Sage to make this space a perennial garden (coming back year after year) so you get a lot of bang for your buck!

Your garden doesn’t have to be huge. Just tucking in a few plants will bring you a lot of joy.

Happy gardening!



2 thoughts on “Planting Perennials

  1. Does the Russian sage grow into really big bushes? On my walks this week I have seen some beautiful shrubs and wondered what they were. I now think they are Russian sage based on you picture. So many beautiful purple blooms! And very big shrubs.

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