Losing my flock in accident

I will be honest, this is a difficult post to write. I don’t even know if I have the words as I never thought this would happen to us. But, since I know I’m not alone in this, I need to share.

Wednesday was a weird day. We usually don’t free range our chickens but when we do, we let them out in our fenced yard, always supervised. After an hour, it was starting to get dark and the girls went to bed. My husband forgot to shut the coop door.

Fast forward to Thursday morning, I let Harley outside to do his business and immediately I sensed something was wrong…it was way TOO quiet. I went back inside to get my glasses, and then I saw the scene. Based on the animal tracks, a fox slid under the fence, went inside the run, barricaded into the coop and killed all 6 girls. Later that day a neighbor said an owl had dropped one of them in his backyard. It was truly a heartbreaking moment and I just cried and cried over the loss of my pets.

Fellow chicken owners know what I mean when I say each chicken had their own personality. They were affectionate, talkative, special, and unique pets. I will miss them dearly but I’m holding onto the fact they had a great life for the short time they were ours. RIP sweet girls, I’m so sorry. 😔