Winter Sowing Try #1

Well, I jumped on the bandwagon! Have you heard of Winter sowing??? It’s an inexpensive process starting your plants outdoors with seeds that require cold stratification. Instead of refrigerating your seeds and starting them under grow lights, you can create mini greenhouses using minimal space outside.

If you are not a huge milk drinker, try asking friends and family if they have empty milk or water jugs! I posted my need on the community Facebook group and right away a neighbor gave me 11 jugs she was already planning to recycle. SCORE! You can also ask your local coffeeshop as I’m sure they would be willing to share!

You want to make sure to rinse and dry out the containers completely before getting started. Cut the containers in half (carefully!) with a box cutter, scissors, or a sharp knife and leave half an inch uncut around the handle. Pierce a few holes in the bottom for adequate drainage. Fill the containers with 3 inches of potting soil. Moisten the soil and let it drain. Sow the seeds per package instructions and cover the seeds with light soil. Give a decent watering over the sowed seeds and close the top. Seal the cut container with duck tape, making sure to leave the cap off as this will aid in proper ventilation.

LABEL the containers with permanent marker and set outside in a sunny location, safe from wind but exposed to rain and snow. As Spring approaches, seedlings will begin to emerge. Check for dryness as Spring gets closer and water accordingly. As soon as temps are decent, remove the tape and expose the lid.

I’m so excited to see how this goes! This method is cost effective and really makes your plants strong as they have adjusted to weather conditions. You can plant them straight in the garden, without hardening off!

Blessings, Jolie 🌼