Garden planning, Seed buying

Hey guys! I have had a long couple weeks at home recovering from foot surgery. It has been a hard process but I know it will be worth it in the end. My dog is ready for me to be on my feet again! (So am I)

This time of year is the most ideal time to start planning your garden, especially if you live in a seasonal climate. (You won’t be spending much time outdoors right now!) I have started researching plants I want to incorporate in 2020… a good selection from seed. Growing from seed is more affordable, you can start them indoors, and the satisfaction you get is like none else!

I have been looking at some beautiful Zinnia selections from Johnny’s Seed. 🌱 I’ll let you know what I decide on! When we visited The Silos in Waco, Texas, Joanna Gaines inspired me with her flowers… I even brought back some seed packets to grow in my Zone 6. What are you interested in planting this year? Do you have your 2020 garden planned?

Blessings, Jolie

Waco, TX