Mulching, pruning Hostas, planting bulbs

Hello and happy November! I can’t believe we’ve already had freezing temps and snowfall. I was totally in denial when I saw the forecast but alas, they were right! 🥶

Yesterday was a fun Halloween full of friends and laughter. As usual, we had chili, cornbread, hot chocolate, and a fire in the fire pit. This year it was soooo cold that a lot of trick or treaters enjoyed having a place to warm their hands in-between candy runs.

Today I spent most of the day cutting back my Hostas, putting fresh mulch down, and planting Daffodil bulbs. Most of the time I get weird looks when I buy mulch this time of year. The cashier at Home Depot asked, “Why are you buying mulch?!” First of all, I like a tidy yard. We get a significant amount of wind here in Kansas and by the time Fall rolls around, the soil has shifted a bit. I don’t get carried away with multiple bags of mulch like I do in early Spring, but I do like to buy a couple bags to get a light layer of Winter protection down. It’s actually very healthy for the soil and it keeps weeds down come Springtime.

Hostas pruned for Winter!
Bulbs planted to the left of the burning bush!

Secondly, it’s more enjoyable for me with the cooler weather which also means no flies, less bugs and a happier gardening experience! 😉 Sometimes you can find great sales this time of year as some stores are trying to deplete their inventory before the next season.

You would be surprised how many bulbs you can tuck in your garden. I planted half a dozen bulbs (got them for 50% off!) next to the burning bush and can’t wait to see them come to life in Spring. I also tucked a few around the chicken run. Bulbs are an easy way to add color in the garden before you have a chance to get out there. Plant now, enjoy later!

It was starting to snow!

Do you have any gardening chores you tackle in Fall?

Blessings, Jolie 🌼


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