Crabapple Tree

This isn’t a long post by any means but I wanted to show off this gorgeous Crabapple in the front yard, in different seasons. In Spring, it has fantastic white blooms and this Fall, I think it is just as pretty. 🌳 It has a lot of personality. Now, as Winter peeks around the corner, I know the crimson crabapple will contrast the snow in a beautiful way.

Often I find hummingbirds perching on the branches during the migration period! Do you have a Crabapple Tree in your yard? What are some of your favorite trees?

Blessings, Jolie 🌼


6 thoughts on “Crabapple Tree

  1. I love trees. Our last backyard tree was just killed by the city when they sprayed the fence line with an herbicide to enable them to see meters better. Apparently it was so strong it not only killed the grass in the alley but also our huger ‘popcorn’ tree. Hurricane Ike took down 5 others 😟. It’s very sad. We now have no shade in our back yard. I’d love to get the city to take it down for us. Since they killed it.

    I wonder if a crab apple tree would live down here?

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    1. Unfortunately it thrives well in Zone 3-8 and you are in Zone 9. Flowering Dogwood would be a good option for you though!

      I can’t believe the city killed it. And man that must have been some herbicide. Breathing that in too is really disturbing! They should definitely take it down.


  2. That’s a lovely crabapple! We’ll plant one in front come early Spring. Haven’t decided on a variety yet, but it must be disease resistant. Our best local supplier just gets what the wholesaler sends them, but it’s a very dependable wholesaler, and the trees are field grown, so come with great roots.
    We’re in Zone 9, but get a huge amount of winter chill, since they only count hours between 45 and 32 degrees.

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