Pothos plants from Costco

I realize I talk about Costco a lot. (I do work there when I’m not blogging 😉) But, let’s be honest, Costco is awesome. You can literally get everything from toilet paper to rotisserie chicken and anything in between. This morning I saw these beautiful light-colored Pothos and had to get two! The foliage is a swirl of green hues and up close you can see the unique variegation. With the pot included, they are only $8.97! What a steal.

The cute farm sign is from my BFF Katie and the clear cobalt jar is an antique my Mom bought years ago.

Blessings, Jolie 🌼


3 thoughts on “Pothos plants from Costco

  1. I love the colors on the leaves of these!! Just gorgeous. We need to head to Costco for coffee and a few other things. Might have to pick up a couple. I am notoriously bad a keeping plants alive, but maybe I can get better. I am assuming they are safe for pets since you bought them? ❤️ Your mantle decorations.

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