Gorilla cart for the yard

This cart has been one of the best things I have bought for my yard. Originally I purchased the Gorilla cart to help me moved huge #50 bags of chicken food from my trunk to the coop, but I’ve also found it handy for lots of other things.

It has been helpful to have when I’ve purchased a trunk full of plants that somehow landed in my car! 🤫 I’ve even used it to move my newly sprouted seedlings from my kitchen to the garden. You can easily transport garden tools, pots, lawn clippings, or trash bags. Especially in Spring and Fall, your’e making a lot of trips back and forth getting your garden ready for the next season. Let’s face it, gardening can be beautiful but it’s hard work that requires heavy lifting.

I recommend Gorilla carts to anyone with a yard. There are lots of sizes available and various options to choose from. They offer plastic as well as metal wagons for durability.

Happy gardening! Jolie


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