Shed & patio extension

Whether you have a large yard or a small space, basic yard tools are a necessity. Storage for lawn mowers, edgers, blowers, pruners, trowels, fertilizer, and weed sprayers can require lots of space and if you are like us, the garage can get quite crowded trying to juggle cars and yard supplies together.

We decided to get a Lifetime shed from Costco…it was the perfect size against the house. After 4 hours of intricate assembly, lots of blood, sweat, and tears we had a shed! I was really proud of us after reading some reviewers took 12 hours to put this together! 😬 Me and hubby carefully followed the manual and agreed to have lots of patience going into this project!

The patio extension was a dream of mine since we moved in. The tiny slab in the backyard was barely big enough for two people to BBQ, let alone hosting friends. After a couple different bids, we found a local company here in Gardner to do the job! They added extensions on either side, keeping the old concrete. They added a 10×10 concrete slab in the corner to use as the foundation for the shed. I think it turned out perfectly.

I’m so thrilled with the space! I can’t wait to break it in with friends and family and to have a designated spot for all our garden tools! I wanted to get the concrete poured before Winter so I could get grass seed down before the frost gets here.

I’m already planning next years’ containers to place all around the patio to attract more pollinators to our property. 🦋 Stay tuned for patio updates!

Blessings, Jolie 🌼


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