September blooms 2019

We have had so much rain this year that our backyard has looked very swampy at times! It really is mind-blowing that all the water drains and everything returns to normal. Iv’e been reading this Winter is predicted to be a rough one, guess we will find out soon enough!

Rain sure brings beautiful, blooming flowers. I think mine have been showing off lately! Living in the part of the country where Winter can seem to last forever, it makes you grateful for sunshine! 🍁

This is the first time I have grown Friendship Sage (Salvia Amistad) and man! It has been phenomenal! The hummingbirds have been swarming it so much I wish I planted more. The branches are so strong that it’s almost more shrub-like in appearance. This salvia gives off beautiful, violet colored blooms but I would recommend staking the branches as it grows. It can get a little top-heavy. I’ll be growing this again!

Mystic Illusion Dahlia‘s chocolate foliage and yellow blooms was a plant I was super excited to try. Although the mounding habit was impressive, it didn’t bloom as much as I thought it would. Next year I will choose a spot with more sun as I think it received too much shade here. Still a very pretty plant that I have loved growing.

Rose Glow Lantana has surprised me this year! It was one of those plants I neglected for the first half of the Summer and it seemed to prefer that. It is super striking… I can see the colors all the way from my kitchen. I think it should be renamed Strawberry Banana Lantana!

These are the plants I’m looking forward to growing next year:

Mammoth Dill

Supertunia Vista Snow Drift




Coco Marigold


What do you like to grow? Do you prefer growing from seed or buying flowers at the garden center?

Blessings, Jolie 🌼


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