Planting a Fall container

It may be 100° in Gardner but I thought to myself, “Screw it, I’m planting my Fall container!” Every year I wait until it cools off and then I feel like I barely get to enjoy my flowers! I checked out what Lowe’s and Home Depot had in stock and wasn’t impressed with their selection. Walmart actually has some very pretty Mums available so I snagged 4 of them along with a purple fountain grass that was calling my name!

Our local garden center had these beautiful ornamental cabbage that I thought would add a nice, green contrast to the Fall colors. Away I went with 4 for $5!

It is very important to add a slow release fertilizer when you plant your containers, especially when it’s still hot outside. Espoma products are wonderful. They are my go-to brand that’s decently priced and organic! You can find Espoma products at big retail garden stores and on Amazon. I also fertilize weekly with a bloom booster. I hope this inspires you to plant something colorful and gets you in the Fall spirit! 🍁 I can’t wait for ginger cookies, chili, and you guessed it…pumpkin everything!!! 😂 What is your favorite season?!

Blessings, Jolie 🌼


2 thoughts on “Planting a Fall container

  1. I love the variety in your container! Question: when I plant mums, should I leave space for growth or not? Pre-planted mum containers always look so full, but they always get even bushier over time. How do I know how much is enough for a full look without killing them all? Also, do you have a size you recommend for a container?

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    1. With annuals such as Mums, I don’t worry too much about leaving room for growth. The Fall season is short and since the annuals only get one opportunity to live, I like to clump them together in big groupings. In this arrangement, I used a large barrel container so I would recommend using at least a 14 inch container- you could put at least 2 plants in there. (Depends on their size) Mums don’t like to dry out so make sure you give them adequate water and sun. I would definitely repot Mums as soon as possible, most people leave them in their old container and they get root bound and die. Thanks for the great questions, hope this helps.


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