Gallery wall

In January 2019, we were able to escape the snow and take a trip of a lifetime to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! January is the time of year where us Midwesterns are waiting for Spring to get here already… you start dreaming of green grass, beautiful blue skies, and can’t wait to pack away those Winter clothes. Commuting on icy roads and dealing with wind chill gets old really fast!

I wanted to share an idea with you in case you have a large wall to fill. Instead of a typical gallery wall up the stairs, I chose 3 of my favorite pictures from vacation. I printed the pictures at the Costco kiosk (so easy!) and purchased frames at Ikea.

The first picture was taken in a very small, remote town in Mexico that is only accessible through rough back roads. We took ATVs through the village and almost ran over a wild boar! (I may have thought it was a pig but that’s another story! Ha!)

The second picture is proof we actually ATVed in Mexico and survived! One of us was really nervous, can you guess which one?! 😂

The third picture we took while whale watching and had to capture the famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas. The views were absolutely breathtaking on the water. We saw quite a few whales too! 🐳

I encourage you to print pictures that bring you joy every time you see them! That’s what home should be, right? A happy place that represents your adventures!

Blessings, Jolie 🌼


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