More is better in Gardening

I’m a huge fan of bold colors. Certainly white/neutral colors have their place, but striking colors such as pink, purple, red, and orange- that’s what grabs my attention! I find myself coming back to these, year after year. Do you have a plant you enjoy growing?

Supertunia Vista Bubblegum steals the show!

When we moved into our home 1 year ago there was a bare, sandy spot in the backyard. I decided to buy 3 Agastache plants from Home Depot and clump them together. After getting them in the ground, the sweet aroma was overwhelming.🤞they would do well here.

In the front yard along our cute little porch was a long row of sad weeds. 🌱 I made a visit to our local garden center, The Flower Farm , and discussed with an employee about his favorite annual. He recommended Pentas for a pop of color that also attracts pollinators. So away I went with 3 red Pentas!

Another neglected spot in our front yard was the flower bed under our huge tree. With just a few tulip bulbs underneath, this spot needed some attention. I ran to Home Depot and bought 3 Forbidden Fruit Hosta, and 2 Autumn Frost Hosta. Hosta’s are phenomenal in shade and have beautiful blooms in Spring/Summer. (Hummingbirds love the blooms)


1. Choose bold plants in color and texture, ask Garden center staff for suggestions.

2. Plant in groups of 3 or more for dramatic effect.

3. Read plants tags and choose plants based on your senses! They are not just ornamental but also smell nice!

Blessings, Jolie 🌼


One thought on “More is better in Gardening

  1. You make me want to try! But I have such a black thumb. Our front flower bed has some gorgeous azaleas. But after we lost one big Sade tree in a hurricane, one part remains bare, no azaleas will grow there. Just too much sun. I don’t want to rip out the ones that thrive, but that bare patch (usually weed filled) is pretty ugly. 😢


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